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We always felt there was an opportunity to position craft within seasonal luxury


At Tom Martin London, we design and hand make limited edition seasonal gifts, a process where time is secondary. When you own from us, you own an item with passion injected into every detail and a beating heart behind every painted brush stroke.


introducing the dawn & dusk scented candles


Designed and hand poured in London, England

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From New York to London

Our Winter Collection depicts iconic scenes from the bookends of the Atlantic Ocean, with a gracious swan heading out to sea from New York with it's neck extended in glamour seeking its way back home to London, while on it's travels, hooking a white Tom Martin London gift box around it's neck ready for its awaiting reciever.

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Limited Edition

The London Mews

1/300 works of art

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A detailed, hand crafted piece of only 300 works of art, our London Mews bauble debits the Winter preparation taking place during the buildup to Christmas.

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Spring Has Arrived in The Notebook

The four seasons have always played a central role in the growth of Tom Martin London. By its very nature, our signature Winter gifts are placed at the core of what we do, around which the rest of the year rotates.

Welcome to The Notebook. Welcome to life.



New Orleans, Louisiana

At the beginning of the month, I travelled to New Orleans for a technology conference. While out there, I stumbled upon something which tickled me...

You can read the story in The Notebook.

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We believe landmark attractions, memorable occasion and well-earned achievements deserve to be celebrated and captured in more than a photograph.

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