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We design and hand make limited edition seasonal goods, using an ancient craft of inside painting.


We always felt there was an opportunity to position craft within seasonal luxury. At Tom Martin London, we design and hand make limited edition seasonal gifts, a process where time is secondary. When you own from us, you own an item with passion injected into every detail and a beating heart behind every painted brush stroke.


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The Red Master’s Route

In contrast to the might of a vehicle which travels the world on a magical annual route, we are proud to introduce to you the elegance of our 2018 hand painted Winter keepsake titled, The Red Master’s Route.

Set in a picturesque English village, a cold, snow-laden scene is contrasted by the warmth and welcome of The Swan public house, aglow with seasonal merrymaking while the cottage of Father Christmas sits still, bar the dimly lit window and sound of preparation letting you know someone is at work.

Yet when the time is right, the snow crushes beneath heavy boots and the gentle rumble of the Routemaster bus filled with Tom Martin London purple-bowed presents rattles through the village as it’s on its way for its annual delivery.

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Encompassing the sensuality of watching a setting sun over a dusk ridden landscape in preparation for evening, our mysterious Dusk No.1 Home candle brings you a spiced scent, laced with the freshness of pomegranate, pepper and spice. 

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A charitable collab with the amy may trust

Nut allergies have hit the headline’s this year, with much thanks to this young lady, Amy. In 2014, Tom’s cousin Amy had a catastrophic reaction to a nut allergy which left her severely brain injured. This Winter, Tom Martin London and The Amy May Trust are releasing a very special collaboration, where 100% of proceeds will go directly to helping Amy as well as further the education around the seriousness of allergies.

You can read the story in The Notebook.

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We believe landmark attractions, memorable occasion and well-earned achievements deserve to be celebrated and captured in more than a photograph.

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