Storytelling in Paint

Since 2010, Tom Martin London has become a trusted and recognised purveyor of hand painted, seasonal goods to an audience around the world.

Our signature Winter baubles, produced in limited edition batches, have become collectors items to clients in all four corners of the globe. Often gifted to special friends and family members, the intricately designed and painted items become more than a keepsake - they become a memory between the recipient and the receiver.


A Marriage of Art and Craftsmanship

It takes time to create a design worthy of production. Before each bauble is individually hand blown and the interior surround lovingly painted by hand, the design must be imagined, drawn, rendered and perfected. 

Each design has a source of its inspiration: a story, an event, a receiver. An artist does not paint without intention, nor do we design to create just an item. Details are carefully conceptualised, reimagined and perfected to ensure the finished article exceeds the highest of our expectations.

The finalised composition is then sent to the workshop to be sampled - an important stage prior to finalisation. The sampling item is used to visually see how the design works on a spherical surface. While the drawing of each design is carried out on a two dimensional surface, the final item will be a three dimensional glass canvas. Minor manipulations are therefore often needed to ensure the composition can be successfully transferred into our spherical ornaments.

Upon completion of the Master (the name given to the final sample of a certain design), each item can be individually hand painted from the inside out, using small painting hooks lowered into the top of the bauble. It takes many years to perfect the art form so as to allow a Tom Martin London product to be produced.  

Each of our baubles takes a tremendous amount of time, skill and patience to create - a tireless effort from a small group of true artists.