The Amy May Trust and Us


My very close cousin Amy suffered a catastrophic allergic reaction while on holiday in Budapest in 2014. Amy, only 26 at the time, had adeptly managed her nut allergy from childhood, yet in a moment of horror, carelessness from the restaurant in which she was dining left her with severe brain damage. Lack of oxygen as she suffered a cardiac arrest, brought on by the severity of an anaphylactic shock left her life changed beyond recognition.

My Mother and I now run The Amy May Trust, a platform which raises funds for Amy’s necessary rehabilitation and medical needs. Necessary, as the restaurant responsible for this tragedy held no public liability insurance which would have provided assistance to meet these huge ongoing costs.

Amy’s story has gained national media exposure over the last three months and this Christmas I feel it is an appropriate time to help in a different way beyond aiding the running of the Trust.

It has given me great personal pride in designing and creating a limited edition bauble, of which 100% of Trust proceeds will go directly to helping my cousin. The design will be released for sale next week. In the meanwhile, if you are interested in supporting The Trust through the purchase of this bauble, you can register your interest here. Interest in this limited edition product has been extremely popular amongst supporters of The Trust and as a limited edition item, I would recommend registration should you be interested. Please kindly note, this registration is separate from our mailing list.

Amy and I shared many conversations growing up, and she loved hearing about my plans for Tom Martin London and its future, as I loved hearing about her dreams and ambitions. Now feels the right time to add something to my collection which benefits and celebrates her name.