A Collaboration For Amy


This is the story of Tom’s cousin Amy and how a bespoke bauble helped give her a brighter year ahead


In April 2014 my cousin, Amy had a catastrophic reaction to a nut allergy which left her severely brain injured


Following Amy’s tragic incident in 2014; in 2015, my Mum Julie and I started The Amy May Trust to help raise vital funds for Amy’s rehabilitation and educate on the seriousness of nut allergies. This week, Tom Martin London and The Amy May Trust have released a very special collaboration, with 100% of proceeds going to helping Amy and education on the seriousness of allergies and their possible life-changing consequences.

In growing The Amy May Trust, we have managed to reach an audience around the world and in turn, help educate a huge number of people. It’s been a truly rewarding project and one which we will continue to push with even greater tenacity. In marrying business and passion of Tom Martin London with The Amy May Trust, we have created our second design collaboration, with our 2018 design titled ‘Worldwide Warmth’.


The design acknowledges the exceptional people who have supported The Amy May Trust from all four corners of the world.


The design acknowledges and celebrates the exceptional people who have supported The Amy May Trust from all four corners of the world. From Marathons and runs in the UK, America and France, to those both young and young at heart who have swam and cycled great distances, the impressive group of 58 who walked the Moonlight Colourthon as part of Team Amy May Trust to those who have climbed to the roof of Africa up Mount Kilimanjaro, educated in the UAE, organised an event in your town and city and baked a difference globally. We are tremendously proud of each and every person, and this Christmas, we’re celebrating this warmth.



100% of proceeds go directly to helping Amy and the education of seriousness of allergies


These keepsake gifts are sold through The Amy May Trust shop


Worldwide Warmth


A Life By What We give


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