New Orleans, Louisiana, May 2017


After seven years of surrounding yourself with glass hanging ornaments, I have before wondered whether it's possible to develop a deep emotional connection to such inanimate objects. It seems farcical to suggest, but why would it not be possible? To me, it seems somewhat plausible to fall so hopelessly in love with an ornament, that in the same way I would with a loved person, I would catch a glimpse of them out of the corner of my eye and chase them hopelessly to merely lay eyes on them. It's a suggestion fuelled by romantic intent, but of course, in reality, it does simply sound utterly bonkers that any person may develop such an emotional tie to an object. BUT I was proven wrong. Very wrong.


At the beginning of the month, I flew out to New Orleans to attend a technology conference, yet in doing so, I somehow managed to stumble on the bottom shelf of a somewhat peculiar gift shop in the heart of this jazz town, and what was hanging on flaking white metal rods on this bottom shelf? Glass ornaments, painted using the same craft as we practice here at Tom Martin London! Yes, that is correct: 4,600 miles west of London, in the deep south of the United States I managed to find another example of our hanging decorations. Without wishing to criticise my newly purchased gift to myself or the artist who painted it, the design really did have a lot to answer for, but nonetheless, I did excitedly purchase it - if for anything, as an example of how the designs we produce are excelled by the artist who proudly and intently perfect our designs and original artwork.


New Orleans is a location full of inspiration, energy and fun. Who knows, maybe this may spark a new collection… (to be continued, possibly!)