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The home of luxury Christmas decorations

We create retail experiences which people remember. We invest our time, not to make a sale but in making memories, because at Tom Martin London we think loyalty and positive brand association is far more valuable than short-term sales.


Together, we make Tom Martin London. Join us.

We currently have 1 temporary application open


Temporary work: Sales Associate
Winchester, UK
Starting December 2019


Contract: Part Time (up to 9 days)
Month required: December 2019, 9:00am - 6:30pm, Monday - Wednesday ONLY
Starting Date: Subject to avilability
Weekly Hours: 28.5 Hours
Location: Winchester Cathedral, Hampshire
Payment: £80 per day (£8.40 per hour) plus city-central parking



Tom Martin London will be resident in the 2019 Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market for the second year. Located in the busy and vibrant Craft Village, the Tom Martin London Chalet will be welcoming visitors and customers throughout the five-week period of the highly festive market.

Job Purpose

We are looking for part-time assistance on the chalet stand to manage and sell our products on each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday throughout December, between the hours of 9 am - 6:30 pm. As a member of our Winchester team, you will have the sole responsibility of managing stock, the display of the chalet as well as processing orders of our new and existing customers. Payment is taken via cash or card payments using our integrated stock management platform and sales processor.

If accepted for the role, you will need to be available for 4 hours on one day during October to under training of the software and be taught the brand philosophy of Tom Martin London. if your application is successful, we will coordinate a date with you.


The successful applicant will need to:

  • Maintain and keep a presentable chalet at all times during the day

  • Be active in stock management

  • Be consistently presentable to customers and educate them on the craft behind our products

  • Provide support to customers to ensure the successful transition of sales

  • Be responsible for restocking before or after each day of sale, based on sales forecasts

  • Be responsible for opening up and locking up chalet before and after each day

Personal Profile

  • A background in sales is not required but advised

  • A friendly, welcoming and forthcoming individual with a natural ability to hold a conversation with ease

  • Excellent time management and communication skills, including written and verbal presentation

  • Excellent organisational skills

  • Ability to maintain a positive attitude

  • You will be required to have a valid driving licence and be happy to drive for approx 1 mile for stock collection each morning or evening (parking will be provided)

Other notes

The Winchester Market is a highly exciting environment to work. Each chalet holder is highly friendly and does their utmost to help fellow exhibitors.

You are able to leave your chalet for bathroom or other breaks by calling the Market control room who will send a warden to stand at your Chalet. If your time exceeded 15 minutes, your chalet will be left open and unsecured. It will be your sole responsibility to ensure your time is managed and the safety of the Tom Martin London chalet is now compromised.

Upon applying for this job, you will be asked which days you are available for. Applicants who can cater to a sufficient number of days will be favoured over those who are less available.


Bespoke & Corporate Sales Manager
South- East and London, UK

Contract: Part Time
Weekly Hours: 28 Hours
Location: South East and London, UK
Payment: DOE + Bonus


Since 2010, Tom Martin London has become a trusted purveyor of hand painted decorative items, treasured by recipients, customers and clients across 5 continents. We are actively growing our corporate Bespoke service by working with the most discerning hotels, sports clubs, retailers, schools and universities around the world.

Job Purpose

We are seeking an enthusiastic, creative-thinking Bespoke & Corporate Sales Manager to help grow our Bespoke offering amongst new and existing clients. The successful applicant will be responsible for overseeing the successful transition of new clients through their bespoke journey, from initial consultation to delivery, while thinking creatively to how our products can work with the brand and philosophy of our clients while staying true to the design style of our own designers and artists.

The successful applicant will also have the ability to leverage our licences, including The Snowman and The Snowman and the Snowdog™ to approved clients while communicating with our licensors with regards to the appropriate use of the visual assets.

We are currently advertising for a 3.5 day a week part-time position, however a full-time position is available based on the successful applicants performance during their probationary period. The successful applicant can be based either at their own home or in the Tom Martin London office in Southend, Essex. The candidate will need to attend monthly target meetings in Southend.


The successful applicant will need to:

  • Maintain excellent and forthcoming communication with clients

  • Be responsible for the design creation of bespoke artwork in preparation for sampling

  • Have a strong ability and friendly approach to talk to new clients

  • Provide support to clients to ensure the successful transition of sales

Personal Profile

  • A friendly, welcoming and forthcoming individual with a natural ability to hold a conversation with ease

  • Excellent time management and communication skills, including written and verbal presentation

  • Excellent organisational skills

  • Be consistently presentable to clients

  • Be willing to travel throughout the South East and London

  • Ability to maintain a positive attitude and willingness to learn

  • Brand passion and awareness is integral to the role

  • Attention to detail and a natural creative ability

  • Honest and reliable

  • Flexible and adaptable to the needs of the business

  • Excellent interpersonal skills required to ensure clear, effective communication with other team members

  • Consistently show a positive attitude & take responsibility for own actions.

  • Excellent customer service level.


  • A minimum of 1 year on sales, preferably in a corporate sales environment.

  • Proven experience in driving sales and meeting sales targets.

  • An excellent understanding of Adobe Photoshop


Speculative applications

We will be more than happy to receive speculative applications. If you would like to send us your CV, please do so to our email address with a cover letter to support your application and interests.

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